Mewt. A cybersecurity lifeline in your pocket.

Mewt is an automated lockdown for your devices when you go. Our patented, wireless, security solution is ideal for meeting a large variety of compliance regulations for government, military, corporations, healthcare, education, and all security-conscious industries to immediately reduce their attack surface.
When the user leaves with Mewt in their pocket, the computer locks automatically. When the device fails, the computer locks. When the computer is stolen, the computer locks. When the user presses the emergency button, the computer locks. The device does not Authenticate the user; it is a single purpose lock.

Profoundly Powerful Privacy

With a Mewt there’s no separation anxiety. Using Bluetooth technology, the Mewt knows when you’re away and automatically locks your computer. It can also close programs, delete files, close USB and network ports, disable the camera and mic, and shut the system down. Mewt can mute your computer to the world.

Designed for superior privacy in mind, activating Mewt in video conference calls will mute your computer at the system level, disabling the mic and the camera, assuring that the conferencing app cannot “hear” or “see” you. There is no accidentally sharing secrets over the conference call you muted with only the app.

Simply Effective

Wireless Security

Harnessing the power of Bluetooth technology, Mewt ensures a secure and seamless connection with your computer.

Securely Sourced

Mewt is manufactured within NATO countries.

Automatic  Lockdown

In an event where Mewt is out of range or manually activated, it swiftly engages a lockdown mode, reverting the system to a pre-authenticated state.

Extended Battery Life

Mewt is equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, complemented by a backup non-rechargeable battery.

Customizable Triggers

Mewt empowers users with the ability to set specific actions for various triggers, including the disabling of hardware features and initiating system lockdowns, offering a personalized shield of security.

From installation to operation it couldn’t be simpler! Mewt requires no special knowledge to automate your cyberhygiene from the start. It just works. Made for everyday use by everyone.

User Friendly Design

Small like a key fob. its design is a harmonious blend of simplicity and efficiency.


Connect one Mewt to many computers or many Mewts to one computer!

Resiliently Secure

Not another device to worry about. Mewt is easily interchangeable and if it’s lost or stolen it will not allow a criminal to compromise your systems. Have one Mewt for all your computers and devices or have multiple Mewts as back-up or to Administrate different systems in an office or server room.

Mewt is a product of the times. While deeply rooted in cybersecurity it has never been more necessary than it is now. Created and developed by experienced security professionals and professional user experience professionals to give the ultimate in functionality and the best possible design.

Current software supports Microsoft Windows Systems where Mewt helps you meet Compliance objectives for locking unattended systems automatically and with certainty.

Compliance Requirements requiring the lockdowns assured by MEWT:

Requiring federal agencies and contractors to implement Zero Trust architecture which includes Authentication at each endpoint.

This document provides recommended security controls for federal information systems and organizations. It suggests that session lock timeouts should be “organization defined”.

While not a compliance standard per se, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requires healthcare organizations to implement screen locks to protect electronic protected health information (ePHI). Devices should automatically lock after a certain period of inactivity.

This international standard for information security management systems emphasizes the importance of access control. Implementing automatic screen locks when users are away aligns with the principle of ensuring authorized access only.

PCI DSS emphasizes the need for strong access controls. Organizations handling payment card data should consider implementing screen lock policies to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. 

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) provides a set of best practices for securing IT systems. Control 3 specifically recommends configuring screensavers to lock workstations after a period of inactivity.

FISMA requires federal agencies to implement security controls where screen locking is implied under access control requirements, ensuring that unauthorized individuals cannot access sensitive systems. 

GDPR emphasizes data protection and privacy where implementing screen locks helps prevent unauthorized access to personal data. 

This federal regulation applies to financial institutions. It mandates thorough data security practices, including screen locking. Compliance teams must demonstrate physical, administrative, and technical data safety.

California’s privacy law focuses on data protection emphasizing data privacy and control.

Similar to CCPA, Colorado’s law addresses data protection within its jurisdiction.

Powerfully Practical

There’s nothing you need to remember. Mewt just does what you need it to do automatically, locking your computer when you walk away. This ensures you maintain the layer of security and privacy you require for your laptop, computer, or phone no matter where you are.

With so much of our lives on our mobile phones and online, cybersecurity and privacy are more important than ever. Unfortunately, so much of that is on us to manage and maintain. Mewt provides you with a simple but very powerful tool to keep you protected even when life gets busy, or your guard is down. 

Anna Perelshteyn-Zhao

Principal Investigator / CEO

Pete Herzog

Security Analyst

Marta Barceló


Tom Wojdala

Software Advisor

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